Passion for Food & Agriculture

We are committed to playing a positive role in changing food production for the better. We draw on our deep agricultural and investing knowledge to partner with leading companies and families, and help them reach their goals through our differentiated approach to real-asset investing.

A Farmer First Approach

We believe that excellent performance is not always achieved in a linear way in agriculture and that by investing in producers to make them stronger and more sustainable, we can help make them better able to endure market cycles and adapt to economic conditions.

Emphasis on Sustainability & Responsible Investing

Our culture, behaviors and ESG-centric ethos are built from the ground up, in the same way many farmers, entrepreneurs, and companies build their businesses.

Solum Partners invests in real assets within the agriculture and food production industry. The firm utilizes its hands-on approach and industry knowledge to enhance the value of its investments and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors. The firm’s strategy is driven by a focus on strong partnerships, operational excellence, and continuous improvement, and is underpinned by a comprehensive approach to ESG.

ESG and Sustainability

Solum Partners believes incorporating robust ESG and Sustainability policies and procedures into our investment management enables us to maximize the value of our portfolio investments. We aim to be responsible environmental stewards and great partners in the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible stewardship of the environment is crucial for the long-term performance of agriculture investments

Social Responsibility

We aim to implement socially responsible business practices and to foster business cultures that help our employees and their communities to flourish

Good Governance

Good governance and leadership are essential to systematically promoting environmental and social sustainability in our businesses and industry
Unlocking Value by Investing Sustainably & Responsibly
Driven By Thematic Focus

Focus on major environmental, social, and governance challenges

Clearly Measured

Defined auditing process based on proprietary scoring methodology

With Rigorous Tracking

Monitor ESG conditions with rigorous tracking process and management integration

Ethos of Constant Improvement

Introduce strong organizational support to drive improvement within our projects

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Our Team

The Solum team is comprised of 25+ individuals from around the globe with deep agricultural, investing, and operational knowledge and diverse, complementary experiences across assets, geographies and specializations. Our ability to differentiate starts with our team and the culture we have fostered together. Collectively, our experiences and skill sets enable us to drive and implement operational excellence in production agricultural activities.  

Senior Leadership

Colin Butterfield
Managing Partner

Pam Egleston
General Counsel
Chief Compliance Officer
Rory Vandamme
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Senior Leadership

Daniel Sachs
Managing Director
Head of Investments
Gavin Koo
Managing Director
Portfolio Strategy
Derek Lister
Managing Director

Our Core Values

No Surprises

Straight-forward and transparent

Prioritize accountability, good listening, and treating everyone with respect

Boots Dirty

Owner-operators, hands-on and passionate

Grit is in our organizational DNA

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing and touching our results

Sweep the Shed

No job too small or unimportant, no individual to be bigger than the team

Make things better than we found them

Never lose our humility

True Partners

Collaboration and alignment are critical to succeed

No shortcuts for developing trust and great relationships

Our responsibility as stewards extends beyond our own horizons

Cultivate Talent

Empowering others sets the foundation for success

We are in the business of building phenomenal teams

Hungry for excellence, constantly looking for improvement




Planted Acres


Assets Under Management

Our Current Assets

Olive Oil Platform

Olive Oil Platform

One of the Largest Olive Oil Producers in US

Avocado Platform

Avocado Platform

Top 15 Global Avocado Grower

Avocado Distribution Platform

Avocado Distribution Platform

#1 Global Avocado Distributor

Blueberry Platform

Blueberry Platform

Production JV with Strong US Blueberry Distributor in Peru

Apple Platform

Apple Platform

Top 15 US Apple Grower

Specialty Coffee Platform

Specialty Coffee Platform

JV with Top Coffee Operator to Grow Award-Winning Farm in Brazil

Almond Platform

Almond Platform

High-Quality Almond Processor in California

Apple Platform

Apple Platform

Vertically Integrated Grower & Packer of Apples in Washington

Berry Platform

Berry Platform

Vertically Integrated Marketer & Distributor of Berries Globally

Field-Grown Vegetable Platform

Field-Grown Vegetable Platform

Leading Vertically Integrated Field-Grown Vegetable Company in Europe

Berry Propagation Platform

Berry Propagation Platform

Leading Berry Propagator in Eastern United States